A guide to getting healthy in the Big Apple this year.

New York City
Credit: Mandarin Oriental

After the indulgences of the holiday season, January is the perfect (and traditional) time to reassess and realign. Good news for all: New York is just as good at healthy living as it is at decadent food and sophisticated cocktails. Try these refreshing food and drink options, discover new ways to get your body moving, seek out spa time for a revitalizing afternoon—and start the year off right.

Eat and Drink

1. Gingersnap Organic. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and raw—what more (or less) could you want from this favorite West Village restaurant? Stop by for a refreshingly healthy meal, or sign up for one of their cleanses (from $38 a day).

2. Sakara Life. Fans rave about the quality of these organic, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your door. This service saves you time—and calories—with healthy food you don't have to think about or prepare.

3. Juice Generation. This popular juice chain has smoothies, juices, and a line of "activated" beverages whose secret ingredient is ... charcoal. Don't look askance; the surprise addition is great for absorbing or neutralizing toxins.


4. Pure Yoga. With more than 350 weekly classes featuring 20 styles of yoga, there's something for everyone here, so no excuses for skipping workouts.

5. Hamilton Soul Cycle. Music is crucial to any good work out. Why not pedal it out to one of the most popular albums of the past year at one of the country's most popular spin clubs?

6. Brooklyn Boulders. This new Gowanus climbing gym is undeniably popular, and for good reason. Climbing is a lot of fun: it's not just a physical exercise but a mental one, too. Figure out how you'll get up that wall—then face the second challenge of getting back down.


7. Mandarin Oriental Spa. Book yourself for the three- to four-hour "Clearing Factor" program (from $685). It aims to restore balance and vitality through intensive detoxifying treatments at the luxurious hotel's spa, which T+L calls "quite possibly the city's best."

8. Yelo Spa. This candy-colored midtown retreat doesn't charge by the service, but by the minute instead. Set aside a block of time to spend however you wish, and use any or all of the services Yelo provides, from skincare and massages to wellness treatments—including a specially designed place to nap.

9. Copperhood Retreat & Spa. Take a break from the city with a special three-day "Detox and Well-Being" package, offering daily yoga, nutritional coaching, guided hikes, and lots of fresh and healthy food options, all while tucked away in the Catskill Mountains just a few hours from the city (from $1,339).

Molly McArdle is a native Washingtonian and a writer based in Brooklyn. You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram at @mollitudo.