Half of all married couples argue about working while on vacation, according to a recent survey.

Fifty percent of married couples told surveyors at Korn Ferry that they have “had a disagreement with [a] spouse about being too connected to work” while on vacation.

While traveling together as a couple is great for deepening connections, remaining tied to work while traveling can have the exact opposite effect. Choosing to check in with work instead of spending face time with a partner can create a rift.

But those who need to check in with the office while traveling don’t need to choose one or the other. Set some boundaries and rules before heading on vacation that will allow you stay on top of work without neglecting your travel partner.

Of those surveyed, respondents were most likely to check in with work about once a day while traveling. The most common reason for working while away was “getting pulled into critical issues.”

Before heading out on vacation, touch base with coworkers and establish a set time when you will be available for emergencies only. It shouldn't need to be any more than 15 minutes per day. Both members of the couple can use this time to interact with screens before coming back to each other.

It becomes much easier to stick to screen limits by turning off push notifications from emails and work apps like Slack or Trello. Hardcore digital detoxers can even put their phone on airplane mode to eliminate temptations.

The final step in cutting down work time is remembering to set an out-of-office message before heading out. This email can simultaneously refer inquiries to someone in the office, warn coworkers that you’re off the grid, and make everybody back home jealous.