This Luxury CBD Brand Wants to Be With You for Every Step in Your Self Care Routine

The founders of Lord Jones want you to spend less time on Zoom — and more time on yourself.

Lord Jones CBD Products
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When things began to shut down in Los Angeles, Robert Rosenheck and Cindy Capobianco — the team behind Lord Jones, a CBD brand launched in 2017 — found themselves in an unusual position. Per a somewhat surprising order from California governor Gavin Newsom, cannabis businesses were deemed "essential," much like wine shops or grocery stores. And while many specialty and luxury goods have seen a dip in sales of late as pay cuts and unemployment rise, interest in their business seemed to be holding steady.

Policies and public attitudes toward cannabis products have changed dramatically in the U.S. in recent years. At time of writing, recreational marijuana has been legalized in 11 states and the District of Columbia, and — though countless Americans remain incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses — it seems cannabis is becoming mainstream. And one cannabis-derived compound, in particular, has been adopted by the wellness world.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, does not contribute the "high" associated with marijuana (unlike its famous cousin, THC). Instead, the purported benefits of CBD range from anti-anxiety effects, when taken orally, to topical applications for conditions as wide-ranging as acne and muscle pain. (Lord Jones products use CBD derived from hemp, an agricultural strain of cannabis containing very little THC that's legal throughout the U.S.)

Rosenheck and Capobianco are true believers. "We hope our products can provide a moment of calm in the midst of all this uncertainty and stress," Rosenheck explained. "We've been hearing from a lot of people: If we are not feeling our best, it is more difficult to care for others." The physical and mental stressors of the pandemic continue to unfold, and Lord Jones has seen demand for its products both from longtime devotees and those exploring the cannabis-derived compound for the first time.

The pair have prioritized keeping all their employees on payroll. But working at full tilt during a global pandemic comes with its own side effects, so the founders are also working to make this unprecedented situation better for their employees. "First, our production and fulfillment teams are receiving time and a half while on site," Rosenheck told T+L. "And we have instituted several measures to try to restore work-life balance, including mandated daily Zoom-free time." For many, Rosenheck said, "the 'me' time of commuting, going out for lunch, going to the gym has been replaced by an endless stream of meetings." He hopes people can consider the ways in which "productivity can come at the expense of balance and self care."

The folks behind Lord Jones know their products are a luxury. With self and community care more important than ever, they've committed to making their products accessible to a wider group. For example, Rosenheck told T+L, they've donated $300,000 worth of Lord Jones skincare products to more than 50 hospitals across the U.S. "We've heard from many frontline healthcare workers that excessive hand washing and constant use of PPE has taken a toll on their skin," he said. "We are committed to do our part as a company."

They've also made their entire portfolio available at a discount, with Rosenheck noting, "we recognize many of our customers have suffered a loss of income." They are temporarily offering 30% off when using the checkout code ESSENTIAL at Read to learn about Lord Jones products at every step of your self-care routine:

Edibles and Supplements

The first-ever product released by the company is still one of their most popular: CBD-infused gumdrops, each containing 20mg of CBD, a standard starting dose. Their flagship confections bear some resemblance — in packaging, presentation, and price — to precious jewels, and come in a number of flavors, including blood orange, lemon, berry, and various limited-edition options like white peach. But Lord Jones now offers plenty of other methods for ingesting your CBD. For more bittersweet edible, try their dark chocolate espresso chews; if candy's not your thing, you can pop a gel capsule containing 25mg of CBD.

Tinctures and oils

Some devotees swear by liquid forms of CBD, which can often be used orally or topically. One of the company's first products was its CBD tincture, available in lemon and peppermint; one dropperful, held under the tongue for 60 seconds, delivers 10mg of CBD. Some users enjoy stirring the tinctures into their drinks or using them for cooking. A newer release is the Lord Jones Royal Oil, one of the most potent hemp-based CBD oils on the market with 40mg of cannabidiol per dropper.


What's more classically indulgent than a rich, soothing cold cream? In March, Lord Jones launched its CBD-infused acid mantle repair moisturizer, a luscious (but light) night cream with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalene, and sunflower seed oil. "This was a response to a recent trend in the beauty industry," Capobianco told T+L: "over-cleansing, over-exfoliation, and a general more is more approach." The acid mantle, she explained, is an important part of the skin ecosystem — "a delicate film that acts as a barrier against bacteria and environmental contaminants" — that can be easily damaged by an overzealous facial routine.


Topical CBD can produce a warm, tingly, muscle-soothing sensation for many users — and it's also an on-trend ingredient in body lotions, with some studies observing that it can have anti-inflammatory affects when applied to the skin. Lord Jones offers a potent, musky-scented body lotion (now available in grapefruit), as well as a foot cream for sore toes and stubborn callouses and a heavier balm for extra-dry spots. A CBD-rich massage oil is also available in a rollerball format.


Last year, Lord Jones introduced its first-ever CBD-infused bath salts, incorporating muscle-soothing magnesium, fragrant calendula petals, and a variety of essential oils and terpenes (the compounds that give cannabis its distinctive smell). Each scoop contains 20mg of CBD to make a hot bath even more relaxing. "When you run a business," said Rosenheck, "you often get so wrapped up in work that you overlook the products you actually make. Until recently, I hadn't used our bath salts since we first launched them." But now? "I take a Lord Jones-infused hot soak every night, and it is heaven. And I intend to keep the ritual going long after this ordeal is over."

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