This hack makes child-proof bottles super easy to open

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If you're anything like me, you've spent countless frustrating minutes trying to pry open the tops of pill bottles that claim to only be "child-proof." Little do most of us know, there's a simple life hack built right into some varieties of pill bottles that make it a million times easier to open them.

If you find yourself battling with a bottle that looks like the one photographed above, you're in luck. We've always taken those ridges along the top of the cap for granted, but they're actually there for a purpose.

The next time you remove one of these bottle caps, try flipping it over and putting the cap on backwards. The smaller circle on the top of the cap is designed to fit snugly into the opening of the bottle.

Disclaimer: Not all bottles are designed this way, but most child-proof varieties seem to have this added function.

If you do have children who can access the area where you keep medicine, it's best just to try this out, rejoice in the presence of tiny life hacks, and return that cap to its child-proofing ways. And if you're traveling, it's better to keep the child-lock on for added security.

But if you're not around children and you just want to reclaim those couple of seconds every time you fight to open your pill bottle, voila! Enjoy the added seconds to your day.

If that doesn't completely turn your day around, I don't know what will.

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