How to Eat Healthier and Feel Better While Traveling, According to a Celebrity Nutritionist

No, Kelly LeVeque's top wellness tips don't include early mornings in a hotel gym.

Kelly LeVeque. Photo: Dan Holl

Thanks to what seems like an abundance of food options at airports and restaurants that you just can't miss once you're on vacation, staying healthy while traveling may seem like an impossible task, while working out may be another story entirely.

But according to celebrity nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque, planning healthy options — from the moment you step into the airport, to sightseeing, and to when you're ready for a hotel-level snooze — is just as important as planning your trip.

"I'm the kind of person that goes through security like, 'what are my options?' so I like to be prepared," she told Travel + Leisure during a party celebrating her latest book, "Body Love Every Day," explaining that whether she packs a salad with individual olive oil packets for dressing, hard boiled eggs, or grass-fed jerky, she's getting nutrients that will help keep hunger at bay while waiting for a flight and in the air.

"It's just making sure that you have the protein, fat, and fiber to feel full on those long hauls, and then also making sure you're prepared so if that cart comes down the aisle you're not saying 'yes' to Popchips or something," she explained.

And that prep isn't just for meals and snacks as LeVeque also factors in her sleep quality while traveling.

"I think sleep hygiene when you're traveling — especially [when] changing time zones," she said. "[I pack] earplugs, an acupressure mat if I am knowing that I'm gong to be really stressed out," and "I have an eye mask that I always bring because I feel like I get to hotel rooms sometimes it's so bright I can’t go to bed."

As for getting in a workout while on the go, not only does LeVeque, who is a mom of one and boasts celebrity clients like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner, brings her own workout and recovery gear, but she also does her homework to stay fit like a local.

"I always bring workout shoes and tennis shoes, I always bring a raquet ball [or] my travel foam roller because even if I'm not getting a workout in, it's really important for me to move my body in some way and that lymphatic drainage really helps get you open," she said, adding that for her stay at the Freehand Hotel during her New York City book tour stop, she researched ahead of time, ensuring that healthy spots like JuicePress and a Y7 yoga studio were nearby.

"I always tell my clients sometimes it's more about where the hotel is located to meet your wellness needs versus being at the best place but having no access," she said.

And she'll be practicing what she preaches as she has workout plans in each stop of her 3-month book tour, which is underway.

"It always invigorates me to get out and try something new," she said. "I think if you can read about the city and read wellness articles on the city, you can still try new restaurants and you can still try new things just from a different lense."

Even though LeVeque told T+L that a daily sweat session on vacation isn't a rule of hers, she encourages exercise whether it's in the form of the area's Instagram-worthy fitness studio or a walking tour.

"I think when you [have] these really high expectations on yourself to have the exact same life in a new location you have to think about fun new ways to do it," she said. "I say don't put pressure on yourself, but try to move your body around, sometimes on vacation you can clock so many more steps than you would at home anyways."

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