Get a Perfect Night of Sleep With These Expert Tips

Learn how to sleep better with these tips from hotel experts.

There are few things more satisfying than a perfect night of sleep. Diving into a fluffy hotel bed, complete with a variety of pillows and a heavy duvet, in a room with blackout curtains is almost magical. With these sleeping tips, you can recreate that hotel experience at home for the best night of rest. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized — and that’s something we all need, now more than ever. Learn how to sleep better with expert advice from hotels around the world.

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For most hotels, it’s all about the bed. Devin Burns, VP of Rooms and Food and Beverage at Omni Hotels & Resorts, stresses the importance of creating a serene space. Burns says, “Perfecting the bed is key for a blissful night of sleep. Starting with a perfectly made bed, pull in assets from cozy throws and pillows to quality thread count sheets of your choice. All of these elements evoke your own personal, serene space — one that is inviting and calming for the perfect night’s sleep.”

According to Michael Breus, the acclaimed sleep doctor who works with Hästens, a leading Swedish bedmaker, it’s important to invest in your sleep. He says, “I believe that sleep is a performance activity and a skill set, just like if you were a runner. You can run a race in sandals, with a torn pair of shorts and a big radio on your shoulder, but your performance will be terrible. But if you have the right shoes, outfit, and music, you will run faster and easier. The same holds true with sleep. If you have the right equipment (mattress, pillows, sheets, comforter — the entire sleep system), then your body will perform better during the act of sleep.” He says a high-quality mattress (typically costing between $1,500 and $3,000) is crucial, noting that there’s “no other piece of furniture you will spend more time on than your bed.”

The Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite at Lotte New York Palace
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The Lotte New York Palace is the home of the Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite, a hotel room designed to give you the best night of rest. As a part of this suite experience, guests meet with the hotel’s sleep curator, who customizes the room with pillows and pajamas tailored to the guests’ needs. The room would certainly meet Dr. Breus’ mattress requirements — its mattress costs an astounding $200,000. The Lotte New York Palace’s sleep curator recommends upgrading your pajamas and drinking chamomile tea before bed; it’s a key part of the turndown tea service for the suite since it aids with sleep and digestion.

Bedroom at SHA Wellness Clinic
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Dr. Vicente Mera from SHA Wellness Clinic has a more holistic approach to getting the best rest possible, recommending a minimum of 50 hours of sleep per week. Mera says it’s important to get in the habit of going to bed before midnight and waking up early to keep a “proper time-zone rhythm.” He also recommends doing moderate physical exercise every day. Your eating habits also have an impact on your sleep quality — Dr. Mera suggests having dinner two hours before bed, with foods rich in tryptophan, magnesium, vitamin B6, and calcium. Spicy foods, fatty foods, alcohol, and tobacco can negatively impact your sleep because they hamper digestion. To further ensure you get a good night of sleep, avoid distractions from electronic devices, light, noise, or odors, according Dr. Mera.

Aria Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas
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At the Aria Resort & Casino, Sky Suites guests can wind down after a busy day by relaxing in a soaking tub with bath salts and using a relaxing sleep balm while enjoying views of the city. Shannon McCallum, the vice president of hotel operations at Aria Resort & Casino, suggests bringing this experience home with a lavender-infused bath. “Lavender can work wonders to ensure a great night’s sleep at home, and it certainly helps me relax after a long day. I often take a hot bath with lavender bath salts and then apply a lavender-infused sleep balm right before bed. Having a sleep mask handy to block out any light or distractions also helps a great deal.”

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