Family packing car vacation planning
Credit: Peter Cade/Getty Images

Everyone loves to go on vacation — except for the whole prepping and planning part.

Before you get caught up in the world of luxury hotels, sandy beaches or ski resorts, first comes the drudgery of cleaning, packing and preparing everything back home so you don’t return to a mess.

You've got to clear out the fridge and take out the trash so there’s no weird smells. You might have to arrange for a pet sitter or a housesitter, or even a babysitter for vacationers looking for a romantic getaway. Or you have to make all your work deadlines and remind your boss you’ll be away for the 10 billionth time.

It’s enough to make a vacationer’s head spin. There’s a reason why you want your vacation to never end, after all. Daily life can be such a drag.

So, before you throw on your swim suit (or ski suit, or hiking boots, etc.) it’s time to take out your to-do list.

1. Counting down the minutes on your last day of work before vacation.

2. Setting your vacation away message.

3. Cleaning out your the back of your fridge. The way, way back.

4. Taking out more garbage than you thought you could possibly make in one lifetime.

5. Paying that one bill that falls during your vacation time.

6. Setting the timers on your lamps so no one knows you’re away.

7. Ironing that one shirt you need for a “nice night out” at the last minute.

8. Trying to pack awkward items in your suitcase.

9. Overestimating how much you’ll actually need.

10. Figuring out how many liquids you can actually take in your carry-on.

11. Scanning your entire home for anything you’ve missed.

12. Checking in to your flight online exactly 24 hours ahead of time.

13. Making a list for the pet sitter.

14. Saying goodbye to your pets.

15. Finally heading to the airport and still feeling like you’ve missed something.