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Nothing can ruin a trip like getting sick.

But the idea behind the newly launched service Doctor in Your Pocket is to get travelers into the doctor’s office and on the road to recovery — no matter where they are.

The service helps travelers connect with local U.S.- and EU-board-certified doctors on every continent. The doctors represented speak 45 languages, ensuring that travelers can book an appointment with someone who speaks their language.

Doctor in Your Pocket’s pool of doctors specialize in travel-related illnesses although it’s possible to search for a specific specialist (dentist, pediatrician, psychologist) or a general practitioner. The team behind TraveDoc meets with every doctor in their network before recommending them.

When searching for a doctor, travelers input their name, their language and their desired type of doctor. The website will recommend vetted doctors and help members schedule an in-office appointment or house call. For those traveling to more remote locations, it’s also possible to schedule a virtual appointment and meet via video chat or text.

After every appointment, members are asked to rate their experiences with their doctors so future patients to know what to expect.

Memberships are available for a specific trip (seven-day packages cost $4.95) or longer periods of time (a year-long membership runs at $51.95).