Dior Is Releasing the Most Fashionable Workout Equipment We've Ever Seen — Here's a Sneak Peek

Fitness, but make it fashion.

Dior and Technogym are here to deliver high-fashion workout equipment.

In October, Technogym, a brand known in the luxury hospitality space as the go-to equipment for five-star hotels, announced a new partnership with Dior to bring a limited-edition series of fitness products to the high-end clientele.

"Technogym is a preferred brand for the world's most beautiful homes as well as exclusive hotel and wellness centers," Nerio Alessandri, the CEO and founder of Technogym exclusively told Travel + Leisure. "Starting from our premium brand heritage, it was exciting to combine Technogym's innovation with Dior elegance to create this unique limited-edition collaboration."

Full collection of Technogym for Dior
Courtesy of Dior

According to Alessandri, the collection will consist of three unique pieces that offer "an alchemy of style and technology that will further instill the importance of regular exercise and healthy lifestyle options to more people." Each piece is produced in Italy at the Technogym Village and, as the two companies noted in a shared press release, "reflect a mutual commitment of inspiring a lifestyle that combines physical exercise and style to motivate people to live a happier and healthier life."

The pieces include the Technogym My Run For Dior, a stylish, compact, and quiet treadmill that connects to your tablet and offers a wide range of on-demand running and walking workouts. All you need to do is place your tablet on the My Run console and choose the workout and trainer of your choice. There's also the Technogym Bench for Dior, which is the ultimate workout solution for small spaces. The design includes a series of dumbbells, elastics, and knuckles that allow users to perform more than 200 exercises, as well as an entire library of on-demand workouts available on the Technogym App. Finally, there's the Technogym Ball for Dior, which can act as either a seat and a wellness tool, with a complete exercise program available for flexibility, toning, and balance.

All of the pieces will be available exclusively in Dior boutiques worldwide starting in January 2022. Can't wait to try out Technogym equipment? While you won't find the Dior collaboration in hotels, you will find Technogym in the new AMAN and Six Senses properties coming to New York City soon. Technogym is fast becoming the must-have equipment for luxury hotels, making this collaboration one more convergence between the worlds of hospitality and haute couture.

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