11 Calming Videos of Cute Animals, Natural Landscapes, and Other Relaxing Scenes You Need Right Now

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The world is a pretty stressful place right now. Between the pandemic, a chaotic U.S. election cycle, and the holidays right around the corner, we could all use a little calm and cute right about now. That’s why we are presenting you with 11 hours-long videos of cute things so when you need a break from reality you can come here and stream these videos instead.

Interactive Dog TV

We get that this is supposed to be a channel for dogs, but it’s totally OK for humans to watch it, too. The seven-hour long video was filmed at Dovestone Reservoir and follows two pups as they romp through the beautiful landscape.

Calming Sleep Music

Want to close your eyes and totally zone out? This three-hour video of calming sleep sounds is for you. The meditative music will lull you into a slumber. But, if you need to be visually stimulated too the video also provides gorgeous scenery matched with the music.

Nature Scenes

Have three hours to spare? Turn on this video showcasing gorgeous nature sights and sounds from around the globe. Sit back and imagine yourself in each one rather than wherever you are right now.

10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes

If you’d rather be underwater right now this video delivers. Watch 10 full hours of oceanscapes paired with soothing music. Watch giant whale sharks swim by, sea turtles mosey, and hammerheads float overhead.

Puppies Sleeping

I challenge you to find anything more relaxing than an 11-hour video of five puppies sleeping in the bushes.

Northern Lights Relaxation

There is perhaps no natural sight as awe-inspiring as the Northern Lights. This video provides two-and-a-half full hours of the gorgeous light show in action.

Fireplace Show

It is November, so it’s totally acceptable to put on this 10-hour fireplace video if you want to set a calming mood. Just don’t try to roast any s’mores on your TV.

Planet Earth Sound

Soar over mountains, meadows, and snowy landscapes for hours on end with this 10-hour video. Pop in some headphones to feel totally transported by the soundscapes as well.

Ducks and Geese

Who says ducks can’t be relaxing? Just check out this 10-hour video of ducks and geese quacking away and find the true meaning of life. (Or, just laugh at how silly ducks are.)

Surfers and Waves

Those looking to literally surf the internet can with this 10-hour video of waves crashing. Spot a few surfers and marine life along the way too.

Just Clouds

Sometimes, you just need to do nothing at all but look up into the sky. But, if your sky is so annoyingly perfect and blue today watch this one-hour video of just clouds passing overhead instead.

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