Let’s just put it out there: Writers aren’t always the best at talking about themselves.

By Stacey Leasca
January 07, 2019
Clairvoyant experience at the Four Seasons
Credit: Courtesy of Four Seasons

We love to share the experiences of others, explain the fabulous locations you should visit on your next vacation, and tell you about the incredible amenities you can score while you’re there. So, when I walked into the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for a very different kind of spa experience — one that was all about me — I was more than a bit apprehensive and tense enough to warrant the treatment.

Luckily for me, I was in not only the warm embrace of the famous Four Seasons bathrobes, but I was also in the loving hands of Deganit Nuur, a world-renowned spiritual teacher and acupuncturist who is now a resident healer at the Four Seasons New York Downtown. During my treatment, Nuur walked me through my life, pointed out my struggles, and helped forge a path forward for my success. And she did it all with her adorable mutt Bentley by her side.

As I sat in the waiting area, I felt a little rush of blood hit my face as I tried to shake off the nerves before the treatment. But, as soon as Nuur emerged — Bentley by her side and an ear-to-ear smile across her face — I knew everything would be OK.

We entered the treatment room, which is the same room for a massage or a facial at the Four Seasons. Nuur, as bubbly and kind as a human can be, lit up the dim room with a personal energy that was palpable even to a semi-skeptic like me.

After chatting about her travels, her time in Los Angeles, and asking if I can pet Bentley just one more time, Nuur walked me through what would happen during our 60-minute session: She’d apply a few strategically-placed oils as pressure points so I’d relax and open myself up as she allowed her visions to flow in. (In New York, Nuur will apply acupuncture needles but due to California licensing laws she relies on acupressure instead).

Smudging at the Four Seasons
Credit: Courtesy of Four Seasons

“Can you stick your tongue out for me,” she asked as she pressed down on my arms. As I did she immediately responded by asking about how much I had worked that day. I laughed before stammering out that I typically get up at 6 a.m. and end somewhere around 8 p.m. She told me we’d get to that, but that it was clear from both my energy and the color of my tongue that I was working harder, not smarter, all too often.

She then sat beside me and told me I could close my eyes and just breathe. Her visions, from what she described as my different spiritual guides, were coming in.

From there, she described my daily life in such detail that I’d swear she had spent the last week straight with me. Her clarity on my struggles and triumphs was so detailed that I will humbly admit I teared up hearing someone else describe it.

Nurr didn’t leave me wallowing in sorrow. Instead, she helped guide me through a few answers I was looking for and reaffirmed things I had already known, though it was all the more assuring coming from a third-party person whom I had never met, emailed, or spoken with before. Her biggest advice to me was to learn to say no more often.

In fact, she wrote it in a prescription form for me on a notepad which read, “The more I execute my power, the more powerful I feel.” It was her personal mantra gift to me as I departed.

Moreover, Nuur gifted me a small satchel filled with gifts to help me through my personal journey. In a handwritten note Nuur said, “Dear Stacey, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be of service to you! These are a few of my favorite spiritual things. The prism will bring in more light into your life as well as prevent stagnation. Red jasper will protect you. Tree agate will promote integrity with love. Clear quartz will keep you aligned with your path and purpose. Sage will clear your aura and space of toxicity. Palo Santo will aid in transformation. I custom-made an essential oil blend when channeling your energy. This will help with intuition, path, purpose, ease, peace and permanence, apply to your inner-wrist and your heart space. Much light, Deganit.”

The personal mantra now sits at my desk while the crystals reside happily in my pocket wherever I travel. Nuur will happily do the same for all of her visitors at the Four Seasons who are looking to gain a bit more insight and clarity into their own inner workings during their travels. All you need to do is be open to the possibilities (and book an appointment here).