Take time to unplug. Boss’ orders.

Vacation Day
Credit: Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia/Getty Images

One company is helping its employees really embrace their time off by enforcing a new vacation policy: Take your time off or pay for it.

SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam found that his employees were inconsistently taking their unlimited time off from work. Some took a lot, others not enough, so he changed the policy to have employees take a mandatory one-week vacation every seven weeks, according to CNBC.

If employees did not fully unplug from work during this time — meaning no emails, non Slack messages, no work texts, nothing — they wouldn’t be paid for the week.

Nigam was inspired by a TED Talk given by designer Stefan Sagmeister, who said in the talk that he always takes one year off every seven years.

“One of the biggest problems with previous holiday systems was that you could never really forget about work,” Marco Serusi, who is a senior consultant at SimpliFlying, told CNBC. “With ours you are forced to disconnect. It literally is forced peace of mind.”

Since the introduction of the policy, Nigam has changed the rule of one week every seven weeks to one week every eight weeks. The company has also changed how people hand off their duties to their coworkers before they head out.

In addition to vacation time, the entire team goes on office retreats four times a year. Nigam prides himself on achieving work-life balance for his company and keeping talented employees.