Is Bubble Yoga the Future of Fitness?

Maintain your personal bubble while working on your downward dog.

A number of yoga studios in Toronto have come up with a creative solution for people who want to work out while still practicing safe social distancing. Lmnts Outdoor Studio, along with six other studios in the city, is organizing a number of yoga classes that allow participants to work out in their own, private bubble, Lonely Planet reported.

The pop-up event will run until July 31 at Hotel X in Toronto, right by Lake Ontario. The studios are hosting classes seven days a week, using 50 personal bubbles (or domes) that measure seven feet high and 12 feet wide, according to Lonely Planet.

Only one person is allowed inside each dome at a time. The domes themselves have heaters to mimic the experience of hot yoga and fans to regulate temperature. The bubbles are not completely closed off, with open entryways for each one, Lonely Planet reported. As an added safety measure, the domes are monitored by a “control dome.”

“Do be advised that the dome is designed to produce a greenhouse effect, thus allowing temperatures inside of the dome to rise in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit; this process will create the heated environment required for our hot yoga and fitness workouts,” it says on the Lmnts Outdoor Studio website.

Instructor leading yoga in bubbles
lmnts Outdoor Studio

In addition, the studios will be cleaning and sanitizing each dome before every class so as not to spread germs. Plus, the domes are waterproof, so you can complete your practice in rain or shine.

As safety measures to manage the coronavirus crisis, these personal bubbles may be very appealing for the foreseeable future –– or may even start a trend for socially distanced fitness.

The yoga class packages have four tiers labeled earth, air, water, and fire. In order to attend, you must purchase at least three classes (earth package) for $99 CAD (about $73 USD).

For more information or to book a class, visit the Lmnts Outdoor Studio website.

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