No excuses. This equipment will help you stick to your fitness regimen while traveling.

By Teresa Bergen
Updated January 12, 2018
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Best Travel Fitness Equipment
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We get it: traveling can make it tricky to maintain a workout regime. After all, it's more tempting to seek out local street food than the local gym. If your vacations have been derailing your commitment to exercise, consider investing in this travel-friendly fitness gear.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Cross Rope Elite Jump Rope Set

Jump ropes are portable, excellent for cardiovascular exercise, and can be used in a hotel room (provided it's spacious enough). For travelers who take their jumping seriously, the Cross Rope is an interchangeable, weighted jump rope system. This kit includes various rope weights that attach to sturdy handles.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Empower SkipFit

This extremely lightweight cardio tool will bring you back to your playground days. Attach the cuff around one ankle, and skip while a ball swings beneath your other foot. This is a good solution for smaller hotel rooms where jumping rope might prove hazardous. With the Skipfit, there's no chance you'll accidentally lasso the TV.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Topo Athletic Tribute Running Shoe

Bulky cross-trainers are a pain to pack, and could be the top reason people skip out on exercise while traveling. Fortunately, there's the Topo Athletic Tribute Running Shoe, which falls on the feather-light end of the sneaker spectrum, and packs almost flat. A little cushioning and plenty of space through the toes make this a perfect shoe for working out—and sightseeing.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Durban Bay Pro Folding Bike

Weighing in at a mere 26 pounds, a foldable Durban bike won't fit inside your carry-on bag, but you can easily hoist it into the overhead bin. These Brazilian-designed bicycles fold in 15 seconds and will provide an active form of transportation once you reach your destination.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Hotel carpet isn't the best surface for your yoga practice, but who wants to cart around a full-size mat? Hence the advent of super-thin travel yoga mats. Jade makes their sustainable mats in the U.S. from all-natural rubber. You get extra yogi points because Jade partners with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every mat sold.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Synergee Core Sliders

These gliding discs weigh next to nothing, but add challenge to abdominal exercises like mountain climbers, plank to pikes, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises. The Synergee Sliders are dual-sided for use on either carpet or hardwood floors. With their distinctive lime green coloring, you can't pretend you lost them in your suitcase.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Bringing a complete set of resistance bands with you means you're basically bringing a portable set of free weights. Black Mountain's set includes five bands (ranging from two pounds of resistance to nearly thirty) with interchangeable handles. A door anchor and ankle strap broaden the variety of exercises you can perform. Bring them all in their handy travel case or, if you're traveling extra light, bring just a mid-range band for a simple workout.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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FitDeck Cards

Navy SEAL-turned-entrepreneur Phil Black designed his FitDeck cards to help people create interesting, always-changing workouts. His decks of cards feature illustrations and instructions for everyone (seniors, athletes, new moms) using all types of equipment. Travelers should opt for the bodyweight deck (no equipment required). To create a new workout, simply shuffle and deal 12 cards. Black's program is also available as an app, but the cards are more fun.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Prescription Swim Goggles

Swim Outlet's prescription goggles and snorkel masks will make laps in the hotel pool or in the ocean more comfortable than you thought possible. Not only will your underwater recreation count as solid exercise, but the marine life will look much more attractive when it's not quite so blurry.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Monkii Bars

Fans of suspension training (think: TRX) can take their workout on the road with Monkii Bars. Once you master how to secure the anchor point, you'll be able to set up your gym in less than a minute using any support structure. Hotel guests can use a door frame, while campers can swing from trees. The super-portable system contains strong suspension line, maple wood handles, and a digital training manual.

Travel Fitness Equipment
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Porcupine Sensory Ball Set

Sore from your grueling travel workouts or that long-haul flight? Tuck a spiky massage ball in your suitcase. This four-pack contains hard and soft balls, depending on your desired intensity.