Top Employee Perks, Glassdoor
Credit: Andrew Errington/Getty Images

Whether it's unlimited vacation days or free lunches, there are many ways companies can show they value their employees beyond a basic salary.

Glassdoor recently announced its list of the 20 companies that provide the greatest perks according to their employees. Some are obvious—gracious amounts of paternal leave—but there are a few you'd never expect to place with an actual job. (Office soccer tournament, anyone?)

Find out how your job's perks stack up.

1. Four months paid paternal leave — IKEA

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4

IKEA offers its employees up to four months of paid paternal leave for both part- and full-time workers. You need one year of experience with the company the qualify for this benefit.

2. On-site gym with Crossfit — Reebok

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1

To help encourage employees to stay in shape, Reebok has an on-site gym available complete with workout classes led by Crossfit employees.

3. Soccer tournament — Bain & Company

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.7

Named one of the Best Places to Work in 2017, Bain & Company hosts an annual "Bain World Cup" over the span of two days. All employees are welcomed, and the competition is held somewhere different every year—this year is Los Angeles, last year was Brussels.

4. Gender reassignment surgery — Goldman Sachs

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1

Since 2008, Goldman Sacks has been covering gender reassignment surgery for employees.

5. Healthcare coverage for interns — Facebook

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.7

Not only does Facebook provide healthcare coverage, but they also offer free housing for the coveted intern positions. According to Glassdoor, many interns have reported making more than $7,000 a month.

6. Pet health insurance — Scripps Health

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1

Scripps Health offers employees healthcare insurance for their cats and dogs.

7. Full tuition reimbursement — Starbucks

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3

Good news, for those employed at Starbucks and looking to take classes at Arizona State University. Starbucks offers full tuition for employees persuing a bachelor's degree.

8. Paternal leave policy — American Express

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.0

American Express offers employees up to five months of paid parental leave for mothers and fathers. In addition, parents have access to a 24-hour lactation consultant and paid shipping for mothers who need to travel for business and send breast milk back home.

9. $60 wellness stipend — Eventbrite

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.6

Eventbrite employees can spend their monthly $60 wellness stipend on anything from gym memberships to juice cleanses.

10. 20 percent store discount — Whole Foods

Overall Benefits Rating: 3.6

Part- and full-time employees receive a 20 percent discount on all items in the store.

11. Free double-double burger — In-N-Out

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3

In-N-Out employees receive one Double-Double burger and fries for each shift their work.

12. Two Sabbatical Programs — Deloitte

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1

Deloitte employees are offered two sabbatical options: an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason, as well as a three- to six-month sabbatical with 40 percent pay that can be used to further personal or professional growth.

13. Free access to the SF Museum of Modern Art — Gap

Overall Benefits Rating: 3.6

Corporate employees at Gap can enjoy free entry to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

14. $800 'StayFit' reimbursement program — Microsoft

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4

Every year, Microsoft employees are reimbursed for up to $800 toward wellness programs, gym memberships, fitness classes, and more.

15. 'Own the Way You Work' program — Swiss Re

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3

Swiss Re's 'Own the Way You Work' program allows (and encourages) employees to work remotely as needed.

16. Share paid leave — Amazon

Overall Benefits Rating: 3.7

Amazon's Leave Share program allows employees to share their parental leave with a partner, if the partner's company does not offer paid leave. They also have another program called Ramp Back, with helps new mothers take control of easing back into work. These perks are open to corporate, customer service, and fulfillment center employees.

17. 401k with 8 percent matching — USAA

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4

USAA's hefty 401k employee match has people excited. Glassdoor shares that the Society for Human Resource Management cites 6 percent as an average employee match.

18. Confidential counseling — Southwest Airlines

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4

Southwest employees have access to Clear Skies, a program designed to help staffers connect with counselors, work/life services, and legal consultants.

19. Car washes, haircuts, dentist — Genentech

Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3

Employees can take advantage of on-site amenities like haircuts, spas, dentists, car washes, and childcare.

20. 40 hours to volunteer — Timberland

Overall Benefits Rating: 3.7

Timberland employees are given 40 paid work hours every year to volunteer with an organization of their choice.