Apocalypse Training Run
Credit: Richard Wakefield

Sometimes you need a little extra motivation to keep up with your fitness goals. Like, say, an alien invasion.

A story-based fitness app called Apocalypse Survival Training immerses you into an alternate reality in which earth is being invaded by aliens, and it’s up to you to help save civilization, Metro reported.

The story casts you as a secret agent fending off the space invaders against the backdrop of present-day London. The audio-guided app has different “episodes,” which are basically fitness routines that go along with the story’s theme. On the app, you’ll train for speed (running), strength (body circuits), and control (yoga and stretching). However, the user can focus on the story rather than the workout, immersing themselves in a world of secret organizations, high stakes, time travel, and more exciting plot points.

Apocalypse Training
Credit: Richard Wakefield

The app was created by fitness instructor Adele Andersen, who told Metro that she wanted to create an app that also catered to her “geeky tendencies.”

“At a Discworld convention... a group asked me if I could combine my writing and fitness experience to make exercise entertaining,” Andersen told Metro. “That gave me the idea of creating a vast story world with vivid characters who we would want to go and spend time with – even if we had to be exercising to do so.”

The action, adventure, and humor of the app make it feel like you’re not working out at all. Plus, there is no equipment or fitness expertise needed to complete the episodes — and it provides advanced options and support depending on the user’s needs.

“I hope we can flip the mindset of people who think they hate exercise — or specific types of exercise, like running, or circuit training, or stretching — by showing them that it can be fun,” Andersen told Metro.

The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the Apocalypse Survival Training website.