This Geography-based Word Game Is Like Wordle for Travelers

Launched less than a month ago, half a million people are already playing the map guessing game.

Silhouettes of countries around the globe
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There's a new viral game spreading its green and yellow squares across the internet. Meet Worldle — and yes that extra "l" is intentional. The new geography-based game is the latest twist on the popular word-guessing game Wordle, but in this version, players must correctly guess the country of the day. And of course, there's an easy cut-and-paste function to allow users to share their success (or failure) on social media every day.

In its standard play format, a silhouette of a country is shown and players have six guesses to name the correct nation. Along the way, green squares are given based on how close the guesses are geographically to the right country. With each wrong guess, two clues appear: how many miles (or kilometers, which can be adjusted in a settings toggle) it is away from the correct answer and an arrow pointing in the direction of the right country.

For those who want a harder challenge, users can choose to randomly rotate the country silhouette, or to hide it completely.

The free game was launched on Jan. 22 by a French web developer under the Twitter handle @teuteuf, and by this past weekend, 577,167 people were already playing along on Feb. 13, as he tweeted: "You crazy people! It was supposed to be just a small side project! We are now half a million who played #Worldle today!" Yesterday, #Worldle was a top trending term on Google.

This isn't the first twist on Wordle designed for travel lovers. In January, Scott's Cheap Flights launched a version based on guessing the right three-letter airport code called Airportle. And since imitation continues to be the greatest form of flattery, especially in the viral guessing game world these days, there are already other geographic versions of Worldle out there, including Earthle, which has ads and requires payments, and Globle, which the Worldle developer complimented as being "gorgeous."

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