Baby, it's cold outside. But it's warm at the Jackson House Inn. So let's stay in our four-poster bed, huddled under the down comforter. Still chilly?Switch on the suite's gas fireplace or run a bath in the whirlpool tub for two. You'll read aloud from "Desire Was the Whip That Drove Him" in a 1942 issue of True Confessions that you pilfered from the inn's library; I'll listen attentively. We won't move, except to throw more Gershwin on the CD player. Then again, we could poke around Woodstock's galleries and antiques shops, a mile and a half away. Forget it—we have enough antiques right here (the building itself dates to 1890). Besides, it's cold…and soon it will be time for dinner. The restaurant, opened a year ago, has a granite fireplace, sharp service, and New American food you could fall in love with. Then it's back to bed. Should things get too hot, we can always use the remote-control thermostat: Just push the button labeled "I feel…too warm." If you must.

Jackson House Inn, 37 Old Route 4 W., Woodstock; 802/457-2065, fax 802/457-9290; from $180 per night.