By Peter Schlesinger
February 19, 2015
Trip of a Lifetime
Credit: MoPro

For many people in the country, travel is, quite simply, a financial impossibility—and one that keeps thousands of children from experiencing anything outside the towns they were born in. A 22-year-old in New York is trying to change that.

Stan Rosenberg, a recent NYU grad, has founded Trip of a Lifetime, a non-profit that sends low-income high schoolers to places like the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, and the Bahamas. The premise is simple: Trip of a Lifetime pays for two kids to join 20-40 other students on private tours made for teens. The excursions, put on by established operators like ATW Teen Tours and Rein Teen Tours, range from two weeks to nearly a month"

Right now, Rosenberg partners with 10 New York City area schools to select qualifying students—those with financial need and the “willingness to be a catalyst for change in their communities,” says Rosenberg.

“We want to select students that will use this opportunity not only to better themselves but to also better those around them," Rosenberg says. "We look for students that already participate in community service and express a desire to expand their involvement after they return.”

This year, Trip of a Lifetime hopes to send 16 students on trips across the country. To do so, they’re calling on people to help by spreading the word and helping financially. More info, over on Trip of a Lifetime’s official site.

Peter Schlesinger is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure. You can find him on Twitter at @pschles08.