By Andrea Romano
January 19, 2018
Courtesy of Iglu Dorf

If you like your vacations customized and love to play in the snow, boy have we found the hotel for you.

Iglu-Dorf, in Stansstad, Switzerland, is an ice hotel that is rebuilt every winter. But what makes this particular winter getaway special is that it also offers visitors the chance to build their own igloos for the night.

For £286 (about $397 USD) per night, couples who come to the snow village are provided with tools to construct their private little igloo for two. The hotel also gives visitors sheepskin and expedition sleeping bags able to withstand -40 degree weather.

Courtesy of Iglu Dorf

ldo Balatti, the chief executive of Igloo-Village Zermatt, told the Daily Mail: “Depending on the size and the amount of people building it, a usual small igloo, where you can sleep in with two people takes one day with two people to build it. It is very romantic to build a house of your own, even if it is out of snow.”

Courtesy of Iglu Dorf

Of course, if you’re not so confident with your construction skills, the hotel also offers pre-built igloos that have gorgeous ice sculptures carved into the walls to correspond with the year’s theme.

The theme for 2018 is Norse mythology, so guests can fall asleep to images of Odin and Thor.

Courtesy of Iglu Dorf

Some of these igloos also have more modern amenities like personal fireplaces, wooden floors, and rugs.

Courtesy of Iglu Dorf

Because of the chilly temperatures, most guests stay only one night at the hotel, but that’s also plenty of time to take advantage of the village’s outdoor bar and other amenities.

For more information about staying in your own igloo, visit the Iglu-Dorf website.