Book that flight, find a gorgeous vacation rental, and kiss those icy winds goodbye.

By Isis Briones
November 02, 2018

The holidays are right around the corner and while you may get all warm and fuzzy around the greatest time of year, the weather in many parts of the country tends to do the opposite. For those of you dreaming of skipping out on below-freezing temperatures and unbearable snowfall this year, it’s time you gift yourself a getaway to the tropical destination of your dreams.

Luckily, the world has more than one season and we don’t all experience them at the same time — which means if it’s snowing where you are, chances are it’s sunny somewhere else. Let this guide help you get there by following the best tips and considering the ultimate destination ideas for your much-needed warm weather winter break.

Start planning now.

It’s no secret that plane tickets are cheaper when booked in advance. According to Google, average prices for the holidays are at their lowest from three months to a month ahead of time depending on the destination. Given how close you’re cutting it to the start of winter, waiting to book could mean paying more.

Have an open mind.

No matter where you go, you’ll be getting away from your routine. Then again, isn’t that half the fun? Don’t stress yourself out over scoring the cheapest deal or picking the perfect place because anywhere with sunshine beats a cold winter day at home.

Use those miles.

Depending on the company, airline reward miles only last for a certain period of time. Since we’re so close to the end of the year, don’t take the chance of your rewards expiring. If there was ever a time to cash it all in, this is it.

Visit a vineyard.

Most wine grapes are grown in generally warmer climates like South Africa and Argentina, making them a solid travel option. Plus, what’s more relaxing than bright skies, a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and your favorite red or white in hand?

Don't waste any paid time off.

Similar to travel rewards, you shouldn’t let your vacation days go to waste by not using them or simply staying at home. Live a little and don’t let the weather get you down. Perk yourself up and make that dream visit come to life.

Go on a cruise.

Not only are cruises extra easy to plan, they’re also available year-round. Escape frigid forecasts and set sail below the equator to hotter regions such as New Zealand or Asia.

Block out Christmas or New Year’s travel dates.

Flying during the times when people want to reunite with their loved ones the most is typically more expensive, but remember that not everyone can afford to take that much time off. Extending a trip several days before or after major holidays when most travelers are still at work or have already gone back is an easy way to save money.

Whatever you do, don’t check a bag.

Do yourself a favor and pack extra light. Winter is a busy season to fly, so don’t set a vacation up for failure and risk having the airline lose your checked bag. Leave large liquid items and that extra pair of shoes at home.

Explore the great outdoors.

Head down to Texas or Arizona to see some of the best of what nature has to offer and soak up as much sun as you can. While it's smart to avoid the states’ extreme summers, the weather is just right during the cooler months. For a more active spot with surf on one side and the rainforest on the other, check out Costa Rica. Between November and April is the country’s dry season resulting in ideal temperatures with tons of sunlight and low humidity.

If all else fails, hit the beach.

From the Philippines’ Palawan to Mexico’s Tulum, your fun in the sun is here — get ready for the bluest waters and clearest skies. For something upscale and out of the box, consider the Baba Beach Club in Phuket, Thailand. The luxury five-star hotel has hosted big names, including Diplo and Skrillex, proving it’s a space where you can really live it up.