For the next year, I'm only flying Virgin Airlines. Why? Their frequent flier who has the most Elevate status points by August 7, 2013 wins a Virgin Galactic suborbital space flight. A free trip to outer space! How cool, right? Enter into the running by . . .

accumulating points on Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia throughout the next year. Points earned throughout the entire year count, not the points you have left when the contest ends.

There's even a consolation prize. While it's not going to outer space for free, it's still pretty cool. The flier who comes in second wins a zero-gravity flight, courtesy of ZERO-G, right here on Planet Earth.

This is great news, considering Virgin America is my favorite airline to fly when I go back to California for the holidays. Unfortunately, my 4,095 Elevate status points are a long way away from getting me into the stratosphere.

Lyndsey Matthews in a digital assistant editor at Travel + Leisure.