Dalu Design/Star Island A rendering of the Star Island hotel, scheduled to open in April 2009.
| Credit: Dalu Design/Star Island

A 35-acre Bahamian resort slated to open on Earth Day (April 22) 2009, Star Island will introduce a new scale for measuring environmental impact: if “carbon neutral” was the goal in 2008, “carbon negative” is what hotels are aiming for in 2009. Developed by Dalu Design and architect David Sklar, the private island will be entirely off the grid. Its complex of residences, a 48-room hotel with bungalows, and a no-fuel marina, where electric boats can plug in, has been designed for minimal environmental impact. The plans are to have solar panels on the roofs, hidden generators harnessing wind power, and underwater turbines producing storage banks of hydropower, which will not only wipe out the island’s need for external energy but also create excess power for the resort. A stay at Star Island isn’t meant to be an isolated eco-experience; on-site educators will teach guests how to incorporate green technology into their everyday lives so that they can bring home some star power, too.