Along Spring Mountain Road—a.k.a. Chinatown—are scores of authentic Asian restaurants. Here, six highlights.

Pho 87 (pictured): Purists flock to this unassuming storefront for super-fresh goi cuon (summer rolls) and fragrant oxtail pho. 3620 S. Jones Blvd.; 702/233-8787. $

China Mama: Order the signature soup dumplings—here called steamed juicy pork buns—and don’t overlook the lamb with cumin or the crispy beef. 3420 S. Jones Blvd.; 702/873-1977. $

Zen Japanese Curry: Pick your protein (pork tonkatsu, say) and it’ll be served over rice with thick, house-made garam masala gravy. 5020 Spring Mountain Rd.; 702/985-1192. $

Chada Thai: Siamese small plates (Cornish game hens with fish sauce; crab lettuce wraps) and a killer wine list. 3400 S. Jones Blvd.; 702/641-1345. $

Nakamura-Ya: Wafuu pasuta (Japanese-style pasta) is a rare find outside the motherland. Try the uni-and-tomato-cream spaghetti—and thank us later. 5040 Spring Mountain Rd.; 702/251-0022. $

Honey Pig: Korean DIY heaven: sizzle your beef, pork, or seafood to caramelized perfection on your own domed grill. 4725 Spring Mountain Rd.; 702/876-8308. $$

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Restaurant Pricing Key
$ Less than $25
$$ $25 to $75
$$$ $75 to $150
$$$$ More than $150

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