I've always been slightly obsessed with urban exploring...especially when it's not me who's risking arrest. A few years ago, two friends did just that by paddling a rubber raft across New York's East River to North Brother Island, site of a 19th-century hospital for smallpox victims that's now overgrown with weeds. They poked around the deteriorating buildings, camped overnight, and took some great photos. No one caught them, and it sounded very cool—at least, until they broke out in rashes from poison ivy.

So I was excited to attend a screening of Undercity: Las Vegas—a short film about two urban explorers trekking through the Sin City sewer system.

Creators Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan meet some of the characters living down there and learn how floods—yes, floods—can turn the underbelly of this desert town upside down. And they balance out the underground grit with some bird's-eye views by breaking into the city's tallest building, the unfinished Fontainebleau hotel.

You can watch the 3-part film here. (And if you're wondering why the film is living on a boot company's website, Palladium—which markets itself as a boot for city terrain—sponsored their trip.)

Rich Beattie is the excutive digital editor at Travel + Leisure.