By Andrea Aguilar
November 20, 2013

We crisscrossed Spain’s capital, asking stylish locals to reveal their insider favorites.

Diego Cabrera, Owner of Le Cabrera cocktail bar: “You can find great antiques at Sunday’s flea market El Rasto; I always stop by Almoneda Verona (20 Calle de Mira El Río Baja)—I recently got a vintage cocktail shaker.”

Asun Moriel, Museum designer: “I’m a fan of hybrid spaces such as Espíritu 23 (23 Calle del Espíritu Santo), which hosts photography workshops, yoga classes, concerts, and wine tastings.”

Alfredo Eguiluz, Export manager: “Have a drink at Evaristo Club (11 Calle Marqués de Santa Ana)—you may see Pedro Almodóvar—then hit the dance floor at Charada Club de Baile (13 Calle de la Bola).”

Paloma Navarro Coronado, Sales representative (pictured): “For one of the city’s most cinematic views, head to the rooftop terrace at the cultural center Círculo de Bellas Artes (42 Calle de Alcalá).

Francesco Giaveri, Director of Louis21 art gallery:La Bicicleta is a cyclists’ café, ideal for a small bite. I usually have a multigrain sandwich or organic salad.”

Alicia Borges, Owner of Emmanuelle vintage store: “With its wide selection of house-made jams and fresh breads, Olivia te Cuida (8 Calle de Santa Teresa) ranks high on my list for breakfast.”