Westin Sleep Sensor Program
Credit: Courtesy of Westin Hotels and Resorts

It’s been a full fifteen years since Westin introduced the Heavenly bed—an icon so popular it’s since been adopted by Delta and sold to consumers worldwide. To mark the occasion, the brand is now introducing a sleep sensor lending program in collaboration with wearables company Lark Technologies—the latest in a series of wellness-related innovations by the Starwood brand.

Available at participating properties around the world from Singapore to Times Square, the program will invite guests to try Lark’s Up Sleep Monitor, a wristband that monitors your sleep habits by tracking micro-movements throughout the night. A built-in Silent Alarm Clock wakes you gently with a vibration, rather than loud sounds, and a companion app adds a personal sleep coach, which analyzes the collected data and provides insights that help you sleep better.

While Westin’s program is only a pilot for the month of November, we can assume that the brand has intentions of rolling it out on a broader scale based on the trial’s feedback. However, a roll out schedule or time frame have not yet been announced. Other hotels and travel companies have successfully rolled out gear lending programs, from Leica loaners at Exclusive Resorts or Google Glass loaners at properties such as the ACME in Chicago. But will sleep sensors be as successful, given that it generally takes a month of use for real effects to transpire? If any brand’s core audience would respond well to the idea, though, it may well be Westin’s.

Nikki Ekstein is an Assistant Editor at Travel + Leisure and part of the Trip Doctor news team. Find her on Twitter at @nikkiekstein.