VIDEO: Venture Across Western Australia Without Leaving Home

Visit the rugged shores of Western Australia in this aerial footage shot with a 3D Robotics drone. Cinematographer Shannon Stent, from Perth, Australia, captured the region’s wild and adventurous nature through its turquoise seas, vibrant sunsets, dramatic rock formations, and incredible wildlife.

Imagine surfing alongside Dave Delroy and Lief Mulik as they tackle the Margaret River and the Bombora: what the indigenous Australians called the areas of large, frothy sea waves breaking over shall sand or reefs.

In this emerging Australian destination, travelers can enjoy more than water skiing, swimming with dolphins, and surfing. South of Perth, along the Margaret River, are a host of world-class wineries, tucked away farmers’ markets, and expansive caves just waiting to be explored.

“Australia has some of the most diverse, vibrant, and pristine coastlines in the world,” said actor Chris Hemsworth in a recent interview with Travel + Leisure. “[It] really does have it all.”

Travelers who journey to the remote southwestern state will escape the throngs of beachgoers found in force at Byron Bay. Look out for an amazing flight deal to the continent (thanks to a little friendly competition between carriers) and head to Western Australia in September or October for warm, but mild temperatures — and to see the region’s wildflowers in bloom.

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