This Train Trip Through the English Countryside Is Launching for One Day Only — How to Score a Ticket

All aboard the wellness train, where you'll find games, meditations, and arts and crafts.

Trains at platform, Kings Cross, London.
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There's something about train travel that's just soothing to the soul. Perhaps it's the ease of not having to show up hours before departure, or the idea of letting someone else worry about driving, or maybe it's just the gentle rocking back and forth while watching the scenery unfold outside your window. Whatever it is that draws you to the calming slowness of train travel, you'll find this new route by London North Eastern Railway (LNER) even more relaxing.

In honor of mental Health Awareness Week in the United Kingdom, which is May 9 to May 15 across the pond, LNER is hosting a Wellness Train experience to help passengers "get the most mindful experience out of traveling," according to the event page.

The train will provide passengers on its route between London King's Cross station and Lincoln, England, with a unique relaxation experience, complete with mindfulness activities they can do from the comfort of their seats.

"Research shows 53 percent of people enjoy traveling by train because it provides them with an opportunity to unwind and relax," according to the transportation company's website. "So, to celebrate this, LNER is offering an exclusive train service dedicated to supporting mindful and well-being activities onboard."

Customers onboard the 8:06 London King's Cross to Lincoln service on Saturday, May 7, 2022 will be able to enjoy activities like knitting a pair of hand warmers, learning to macrame a wall hanging, taking part in an adult doodling session, unwinding with a meditation, or playing one of the games or puzzles on the train. Passengers can even take part in a Q&A with well-being coach James Middleton.

Those joining the LNER Wellness Train ride will also dine on a bespoke menu created by the expert LNER catering team and can even snag a hand-picked goody bag.

Customers on the train will be sent their boarding ticket and seat reservation in advance of the event, and all well-being activities will take place on the outbound journey. Spaces for the ride are limited and customers should book early. Learn more about the wellness train, and book your tickets here.

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