How will hoteliers adapt to a brave new world where neighborhoods and tastes shift at ever accelerating speeds?Some futurists envision a wave of snap-and-stay hotels whose size and location can be altered as fast as flatbeds can be mobilized. Here's a sampling of the lodgings of tomorrow. The Capsule Hotel Sleeping in the next generation of those claustrophobic pod hotels pioneered in Tokyo will be less like bivouacking at a morgue and more like lounging in a Modernist Pullman. The U.K. restaurant chain YO! Sushi plans to open a prototype Yotel in London ( that can squeeze in next to airports. The Temp Hotel Montreal architecture students Lee Ferguson and Jonathan Whittaker devised a 26-room concept hotel using cheap shipping containers suspended in a steel framework. The Ten-Year Hotel is designed to be located in transitional neighborhoods, then scrapped and recycled after a decade. The Ultra-Eco Hotel A fully transportable property was recently proposed at a future-of-travel convention in England. The whole resort—from restaurant to guest towels—could be airlifted into sensitive and remote landscapes, like glaciers or dunes; guests would arrive via helicopter. When interest flagged, the place would move on, in search of the next cool destination.