Beautiful Fall Walking Tours

From coast to coast, the entire nation is ripe with walkable terrain just begging to be explored.

Man walking on Bar Harbor Maine Shore Path Trail at Sunrise during fall
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It's time to take a hike. And we mean that in the best way possible.

Seeing the United States on foot is one of the best ways to experience her landscapes in all their stunning glory. From coast to coast, the entire nation is ripe with walkable terrain just begging to be explored.

Need a little help on where to get started? Here are five unbelievable walking tours to sign up for that are fit for every type of traveler.

Walk the Great Smoky Mountains

Waterfall in Smoky Mountain National Park
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For those looking for a multi-day getaway with a "moderate" activity rating, REI has a perfect trip with its Great Smoky Mountains Adventure. Head out on a four-day trek through the national forest, which includes forest walks, kayaking, walking, caving, and more. Each night, participants can snuggle up at private deluxe REI Signature Camps, where food and a bonfire await. The trip begins at $1,849 per person and is suitable for adults and teens.

See the Edge of the Earth in Alaska

Photographed in fall in Denali National Park, vivid color in the tundra and snowy mountains and river in background
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For a bit more of a walking challenge, sign up for the six-day Denali National Park Walking & Hiking Tour from Backroads. The trip begins with a thrilling helicopter ride over the Chugach backcountry before dropping guests off to hike over the stunning terrain, including mountain vistas, glaciers, flowering meadows, and raging rivers. This trip, too is best suited for adults and teens in good shape and begins at $3,299 per person.

Drink in the Coastal Views of Maine

Man walking on Bar Harbor Maine Shore Path Trail at Sunrise during fall
Jon Lovette/Getty Images

Every square inch of Maine is stunning, but there is something uniquely special about its craggy coastline. Walk along its glorious parts, and get a "taste" of local culture with the six-day journey by Country Walkers. Head out on the trip through Acadia National Park alongside seasoned outdoorsmen before making your way through Bar Harbor and meeting local lobsterwoman Stefanie Alley. She may even invite you onto her boat to teach you a thing or two about the crustaceans. Tour options start at $1,098 and are fit for almost everyone.

See the Classics in Savannah

Historic district during fall in Savannah, Georgia
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Take five days to walk and see it all with the Charleston & Savannah Walking Tour from Classic Journeys. On the tour, guests will visit the area's harbors, walk past the colorful historic homes, stroll through private gardens, and more. The tours also come with delightful shared meals, luxury accommodations, and an expert guide to answer any questions you may have along the way. Tour prices begin at $4,195 per person. It is fit for almost all those in at least fairly good physical condition.

Sip and Savor With a California Wine Tour

Vineyard in Napa during Autumn
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Want to add a little more fun adult time into those walks? Head out for a five-day wine country tour of California with Backroads. The tour snakes through Napa Valley, taking guests through the oak forests and ancient redwood groves before peeking out to the coastal bluffs. But, perhaps most importantly, it also stops at local vineyards for tastings with regional winemakers. Because if you went to Napa and didn't do a wine tasting, did you really visit? Pricing begins at $4,399 and should be suitable for those in reasonably good physical condition.

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