Apple Store
Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

Traveling tech nerds could start getting their introduction to new cities from Apple stores.

This week, the company is launching a new series of daily events that will not only introduce customers to Apple products, but lead them on tours about town.

“Today at Apple” will host more than 4,000 events every day at the almost 500 Apple stores around the world.

Customers will be able to choose from events like Photo Walks and Sketch Walks — short walks to different photogenic places that will teach customers how to use their phones or iPads to make art around town. The walks will be led by local artists or, in smaller markets, an Apple Genius. Subjects of the “classes” include shooting portraits, architecture and light.

The types of walks offered are tailored to the city. At Apple’s new Dubai store, customers can take a “Documenting Travels”-themed walk while customers in London can learn how to shoot fashion photography.

The walks come as part of Apple’s move to make their stores places to hang out. The stores will also start hosting music events by local artists, both big and small — Leon Bridges will perform at the San Francisco store and Christopher Martin and Estelle will both make appearances in New York stores.

The events will continue to include traditional Apple courses like learning how to use a new program or classes in accessibility to make tech easier.

While walk-ins are welcome, Apple encourages customers to reserve their spots in advance.