He walked from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

By Cailey Rizzo
Updated: December 02, 2016
Courtesy of Logan Combs

Logan Combs arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon after leaving Charleston six months ago.

Combs walked over 3,300 miles to reach San Francisco. He turned down every ride he was offered while walking, but accepted $400 in donations to raise money for the National Park System.

Combs’s route started from Charleston to Asheville. He then continued to Nashvile, St. Louis, across Kansas to Denver, then to Wyoming and Nevada. Along the way, he passed through the Bald Mountains, Doner Pass and the Appalachian Mountains. Although they were some of the most difficult stretches, Combs said that they were the most memorable parts of the trip. Combs then continued up back roads until he reached San Francisco. He said that he averaged about 24 miles every day.

Combs said that he has been stopped by cops “at least a hundred times” while walking on roadways, but has not had any problems with them. He spent most of his trek “stealth camping,” although he stayed in hotels while in more urban areas. He sustained himself mostly on a diet of Soylent and snacks donated by passersby.

While on the walk, Combs updated his blog about once a week and was active on Reddit. When he was about halfway through his trek, he hosted a Reddit AMA, where he answered questions about his adventure. There wasn’t any great mission or goal that prompted Combs to trek across the U.S. “Stuff like needing to find myself or wanting to get away are true in part but mainly I just wanted to go on an adventure,” he said.

For those considering going on a Forrest Gump-style trek, Combs said getting started is the hardest part. “After the first couple of weeks, your feet stop hurting,” he wrote on Reddit. “I have[n’t] gotten a blister in like 3 months.”

“I definitely feel like there are not many obstacles that I can't overcome now," Combs told SF Gate. “I've literally climbed mountains.”

Combs is only spending the day in San Francisco and quickly departing to get back to his family in Tennessee in time for Thanksgiving.