Like exploring the city?Love your iPod?With a bumper crop of audio guides now available on the Internet, travelers can simply download the skinny on urban destinations—in the form of MP3 files. All you need is a digital music player in order to hit the pavement. For one of their podcasts, iToors (; free) enlisted an area DJ who narrates an insider's guide to Glasgow's thriving rock scene, including stops at popular local bands' favorite hangouts. Students of Marymount Manhattan College created Art Mobs (; free), a cheeky and hilarious walk through New York's Museum of Modern Art. Follow in Jack the Ripper's footsteps while listening to the murderous tales told by U.K.-based Blue Brolly (; $9 each), an informative series of self-guided walking tours. Antenna Audio (; free) gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Chicago's Millennium Park through interviews with architect Frank Gehry and artist Anish Kapoor. —PETER JON LINDBERG