By Nate Storey
October 24, 2014

Eggs benedict, red velvet cake, Waldorf salad, Thousand Island dressing—the world is a better place thanks to these foodstuffs. Seriously, red velvet cake could end wars. And eggs benny? Sunday might just be Monday-like without it. All four were born at the Waldorf Astoria New York.

Now, thanks to a partnership with the James Beard Foundation, the hotel brand hopes to bequeath civilization with another culinary hit—or at least something super delicious. Five young James Beard-nominated chefs will be dispatched to properties around the globe, partnering with master chefs with Michelin chops to cook up a new recipe for the Taste of Waldorf Astoria.

Oct. 18-23: Honolulu’s Christopher Kajioka, who recently left tasting menu temple Vintage Cave to open a French-Japanese spot next year, will head to Berlin to ally with Pierre Gagnaire.

Oct. 20-24: David Posey, formerly of Chicago’s groundbreaking Blackbird, will punch his ticket for Rome to work with Heinz Beck.

Nov. 17-21: Cara Stadler, who parlayed her success at Brunswick, Maine’s Tao Yuan into a just-opened dumpling house BaoBao, will join Chris and Jeff Galvin in Edinburgh.

Nov. 17-23: L.A. rising star Eduardo Ruiz will leave his Picnik and Corazón y Miel and head east down Highway 10 to La Quinta to partner with Jimmy Schmidt.

Nov. 30-Dec. 7: D.C.’s Marjorie Meek Bradley will take her sustainable ethos to Shanghai, where she’ll collaborate with Jan Van Dyke.

The teams will face off back in New York come early 2015; the winning dish will be served at 29 Waldorf Astorias around the world.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for something with frosting.

Nate Storey is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure