This Company Is Giving Away a $100,000 Tiny House — and It's All for an Amazing Cause (Video)

The winner will get to customize their own tiny home while helping to end homelessness.

If you've ever dreamed of downsizing your life to join the tiny house movement this is your chance to not only do just that but to help those in need along the way.

This week, Omaze, a charitable giving meets fundraising website launched its latest giveaway, a fully customized tiny house built by Modern Tiny Living that can be delivered anywhere in the country.

The interior of a tiny house with large glass windows, showcase the kitchen, living room and loft bedroom.
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"Are you ready to become the architect of the life you want? You are? Good. Because you just scored a fully custom tiny home! You'll work with the amazing Modern Tiny Living team to create the perfect tiny home for you," Omaze explained of its giveaway. "That's right—tiny, one-of-a-kind and all yours. Want to add a rock climbing wall? Go green with solar panels and a greywater system? Fill your 'empty nest' with hardwood floors and all the shiplap? The sky's the limit! Because a tiny home is about so much more than living tiny. It's your freedom on wheels. Your passive income. Your reminder to focus on who matters, not what. It's four walls, a roof and plenty of room for all your dreams. And no need to worry about the taxes, we've got those covered."

The home, worth up to $100,000 in value, also comes with its taxes and fees included. All you need to do is enter. You can choose to do so at no cost, or, to increase your chances of winning, add in a small donation.

For example, you can enter once for free. But, for just $10 you'll receive 100 entries. For $25 you'll get 250, for $50 you'll up your entries to 1,000, and for $100 you'll receive 2,000 entries in return.

And all that entrance money will go to a great cause too. As Omaze explained, a portion of those entries will go to PATH, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in California.

"While the rest of California stays at home, those experiencing homelessness don't have anywhere to turn, and PATH will remain on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis to help our most vulnerable," Omaze said on its website. "Simultaneously, PATH will continue their work toward ending homelessness for as many Californians as possible. That's why your donation to this experience will help transform the existing first floor of PATH into a hub of vital support services for thousands of homeless individuals."

So really, it's a win for charity even if you lose. The deadline for entry is July 9, 2020, and the winner will be announced on or around July 29, 2020. Go ahead, enter and start dreaming up all the places you'll put your new tiny home.

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