Female Rowers in Venice Are Delivering Groceries to the Elderly by Gondola

volunteer standing in a gondola with packages of food

As northern Italy, the origin of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, prepares to return to real life as its quarantine lockdown lifts, women in Venice are delivering groceries to elderly people in the best way they know how — by gondola.

“Row Venice,” an all-female non-profit dedicated to preserving traditional Venetian gondolier techniques, is delivering food to the elderly and families who cannot shop for themselves, according to The Associated Foreign Press.

volunteers organize packages of food

The gondoliers row along the canals of Venice, bringing organic produce to the Venetians who need them the most. The rowers are also acting as delivery people on behalf of a farmhouse outside of Venice. Venetians can order their produce online and have it delivered, the group explained on Instagram.

Venice has changed dramatically since the coronavirus arrived in the city in February. In a city that’s been fighting overtourism for years, videos taken in March showed Venice’s canals sparkling clean. As the canals continue to sit empty, marine life has began swimming into the city. Earlier this week, a jellyfish was spotted making its way through Venice’s waters. https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/posts/10159662677983812

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Italy has experienced at least 183,900 confirmed cases and more than 24,600 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Italy has been under lockdown since March 9, with strict limits on how often citizens are allowed to leave their homes. Anyone who leaves their home must be carrying a “self-certification” form, detailing the reasons they are outside. In some areas, it is mandated that people wear masks when they are out in public. The maximum fine for breaking lockdown rules is $3,250 (€3,000), according to The Local Italy.

Italy is expected to announce a plan to end its lockdown by the end of the week, according to The BBC. The lockdown is expected to lift May 4.

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