In late October, 20-year-old Chris Betancourt called his best friend, Dillon Hill, and told him he was dying.

The two have been best friends since they met in the fifth grade and have already lived through one of Betancourt’s cancer treatments together. However this time, doctors said that his cancer was a mutated string and gave him one year to live.

''I'm afraid I won't be able to experience the things I want to in life,” Betancourt told his friend, according to their website. So they made a bucket list of all the things they wanted to accomplish together. Hill left college to devote the next year to spending time together.

The 79-item list includes life experiences like “have a pillow fight with complete strangers,” “be on Russian TV,” and “smash stuff with a steam roller.”

And much of the list involves travel. Betancourt and Hill also want to “see Sequoia National Forest,” “paraglide in Lake Tahoe,” “eat Matsusaka beef in Japan,” and “backpack through Europe.”

The travel aspect of the list will kick off later this month with item number 38 on the list: road trip. Later this month, they will travel to Los Angeles and hope to extend the trip into a “proper road trip” for Betancourt, something they have been been talking about doing together since middle school. They are currently raising money on GoFundMe for the trip.

Throughout the journey, they will update social media and make YouTube videos documenting their progress through the list. The friends are accepting donations to complete the list via monthly contributions on Patreon.