Your Next Hinge Date Could Raise Money and Awareness for the Older LGBTQ+ Community

Hinge wants you to date for a really, really good cause.

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Hinge, the massively popular dating app, is on a mission to make Pride month even better by helping make new connections while giving back to a community that needs some support.

“As a society, we are in an unprecedented time of connection through technology,” Hinge explained in a statement. “However, LGBTQ+ elders are still twice as likely to be single and alone, fueled by a lifetime of discrimination and exclusion.”

To help bridge this gap and to honor Pride month, Hinge is partnering with SAGE, the largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of older LGBTQ+ people in the U.S. For every digital date that happens now through June 30, Hinge will donate $1 to SAGE for up to $15,000, along with another $15,000 donation made to SAGE at the beginning of Pride.

“Hinge is built on creating love and meaningful connection for everyone, and it’s important to us to combat discrimination, exclusion, and isolation,” Justin McLeod, the founder of Hinge, shared in a statement. "We’re proud to be partnering with SAGE for Pride month to support the LGBTQ+ elders who paved the way for the progress of today.”

Michael Adams, the CEO of SAGE, explained their organization is as equally excited about the partnership as Hinge. “Meaningful connections for our LGBTQ+ pioneers are at the core of SAGE's work, and we are honored that Hinge has chosen to partner with SAGE during Pride month,” he shared. “This partnership will highlight the importance of social connection for LGBTQ+ older people and reminds us that older people in our communities are resilient and refuse to be invisible — especially in these tough times."

To participate all users need to do is log on to Hinge, go on a digital date, and report through the app’s “We Met” survey. Then, the money will be automatically donated for you, which means you basically get to feel good about a good deed while also potentially find the love of your own life.

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