By Andrea Romano
September 20, 2019
Credit: Rikki Kahley

Who says you can’t do a little good at your bachelorette party?

Rikki Kahley from Macon, Georgia was all set to go on her bachelorette weekend at the Baha Mar resort in Nassau last Thursday, but this girl’s weekend was way more important than tropical drinks and sandy beaches.

According to USA Today, Kahley, at the suggestion of her younger sister, Chloe, decided to turn part of the trip into a mission to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian last month.

Originally, according to CNN, Kahley was going to cancel after learning of the devastation in the country. But after her mother, Sandy, spoke to an employee over the phone, she felt it would be a difficult blow for the resort to take.

“When we called they said: 'Please don't cancel, we need your tourism,’” said Sandy Kahley to CNN. “The lady I spoke with was crying.”

Nine women, including Kahley and her sister, gathered 40 suitcases together that not only had their personal belongings but also donations of food, clothing, and necessary items that victims of the storm are still in need of in order to recover, USA Today reported. In addition to donations, the group raised $1,800 to order more supplies that people are in need of in the country.

Credit: Rikki Kahley
Credit: Rikki Kahley

Luckily, the island of Nassau was spared a lot of the damage from the storm, so businesses in the Bahamas are encouraging tourists to visit to help boost the economy. There are many ways to help the Bahamas after the hurricane, including donating to the Bahamas Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, International Medical Corps, and Team Rubicon.

“The main reason I wanted to take supplies down was because I have everything I need plus more," Kahley told USA Today. "The Bahamians had nothing after the hurricane hit. I felt like God was using me and my resources to help them.”

Credit: Rikki Kahley
Credit: Rikki Kahley

Sandy Kahley posted photos and her experience donating the goods in a post on Facebook. The group had to coordinate with Delta in order to carry the excess luggage.

The resort, Baha Mar, was also helpful enough to provide shuttles and coordinate with a local foundation in order to get the women’s donations into the right hands, according to USA Today.

Of course, Kahley and her group also had time to have some traditional bachelorette fun as well, USA Today reported. After all, helping people and having fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Kahley’s wedding is scheduled for October, USA Today reported.