Reveling in the diversity—personally and geographically—of this breathtaking land.


What brings travelers to Senegal? Many come for the chance to see the dramatic landscapes, captured by GLP Films, in person: kayaking Sine-Saloum, for instance—a protected marine environment perfect for birdwatching—or riding camels across the endless dunes of the Sahara. But it’s the unique form of Senegalese hospitality, or teranga, that draws people back again and again.

You can encounter as many as 15 different ethnic groups on a trip to Senegal, from the fishing village of Ndangane to the bustling market of Dakar. To meet the people of this diverse region, you’ll hike through the impressive, waterfall-covered mountains of Bassari country and learn the craft of harvesting artisanal salt from the briny waters of Lac Rose. Chiefs and tribes people are eager to share their history and distinct culture with visitors who come with open hearts and minds to this exotic land.