VIDEO: Five Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne is Sydney’s low-key, artsy sister, with no shortage of cultural Australian attractions. Travelers visiting this city down under may be surprised by its distinctly European vibe: after all, one of the most fun things to do in Melbourne is catch a cricket match. A game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground will have a special set of Australian rules.

You’ll blend in best with the crowds walking from Federation Square to the grounds if you choose a team—and wrap yourself in their signature scarf.

Along the way, you’ll probably see some unique street art. Go out of your way to see artist Adnate’s 75-foot portrait of an Aboriginal boy on Hosier Lane.

If you’re ever unsure of what to do in Melbourne, just take a beach break (also great for budget trips). Trams travel to the famous St. Kilda Beach, where the bay keeps waves modest at best. Surfing may be out of the question, but swimming and kite surfing are popular options—and if you can’t ride the surf, you may as well ride the rollercoasters at Luna Park.

When you’re in Melbourne, you have to take coffee as seriously as the locals do. Popular drinks are espressos and flat whites from specialty shops like League of Honest Coffee, or the historic Queen Victoria Market.

Nighttime beverages are just as important to Melbournians—the clubs and bars are open almost every night of the week (even in the city suburbs) and live music venues like Corner Hotel and Cherry Bar have made Melbourne the music capital of the country. Also worth noting: the amazing views from one of the many rooftop bars, or the George Costanza-themed joint in Fitzroy.

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