Follow our easy, step-by-step guide for keeping your suit wrinkle free in your carry-on. (Find all our business travel ideas here.)

Step 1: Hold the jacket facing away from you.

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Step 2: Turn one half of the jacket, including the sleeve, inside out.

Step 3: Slip the right-side-out sleeve into the opposite armhole and pull it all the way through.

Step 4: Fold the sleeve across, then insert a curled-up pair of briefs or a sweater under the shoulder pads to protect their shape.

Step 5: Lay the jacket flat and align the lapels and collar, keeping natural folds.

Step 6: Roll the jacket around the bundle, then fold suit pants in half lengthwise and roll around jacket. Place it in your carry-on.

Once you arrive, if your suit needs any freshening up, use that old trick: hang it in the bathroom while showering—the steam will work wonders.

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