VIDEO: Five Things to Do in Tokyo

One of the most fun things to do in Tokyo is to visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market first thing in the morning, so make time to catch a tuna auction and enjoy sushi for breakfast at nearby Nakaya Sushi or Daiwa Sushi. Go out on a limb and order the omakase, or chef’s choice, which guarantees the freshest, most seasonal seafood will end up on your table.

If the day turns out clear, head to observation deck at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building: not only will you be dazzled by the sprawling metropolis, but you may even catch Mount Fuji’s silhouette in the early morning sun.

What to do in Tokyo if you’re overwhelmed by the frenetic energy? Take a stroll in a Japanese garden. Zen is easy to find at Rikugien and Shinjuku Gyoen, both meticulously designed and home to ponds, flowering trees, and tea houses. Later, explore the city’s secret streets and drinking alleys, including Nonbei Yokocho and Harmonica Alley. Here, domestic beers, sakes, and sochus are bountiful.

Of equal importance is a trip to any one of Toyo’s Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. Iconic sights include Meii Jingu, also known as the Emperor’s Shrine, and the brightly colored, five-tiered Sensoji pagoda—it’s also the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Keep these five Tokyo attractions in mind, and you’re ready to journey to Japan’s capital city.

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