VIDEO: Five Things to Do in Delhi

Planning a life-changing trip to the massive, frenetic metropolis that is Delhi? Now that you can get your visa to India when your plane lands, there’s no better time to explore all the fun things to do in town.

Delhi attractions you can’t miss include the 13th-century Qutb Minar tower—one of only two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city—and the countless open-air markets where vendors hawk everything from spices to saris and nimbu-mirch (a strand of green chilies and limes that Indians believe can ward off evil).

Other highlights include the 90-acre Lodi Gardens, home to 15th-century tombs, flocks of green parrots, and the sound of traditional Sufi devotional music, qawwali, echoing from the Nizamuddin Dargah shrine every Thursday night. Nothing will satisfy your appetite for flavor more than chaat, or trendy Indian street food snacks. Snag them from roadside vendors, the Chawri Bazaar, or popular local restaurants including Haldiram’s and Bikaneerwalla.

If the chaos of urban Delhi is too much, relax with an Ayurvedic massage or a show (in either Hindi or English) from the Broadway of Delhi, the Mandi House area.

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