By Melanie Lieberman
February 13, 2016

Board a helicopter and venture to Finca Argovia, an organic coffee farm in the southeastern state of Chiapas, in Mexico. There’s no better place to appreciate the aroma, flavor—even the sound—of sustainably grown coffee than this 19th-century coffee plantation in the rainforests of the Sierra Madre mountains.

Travelers (like GLP Films, who shot the above video) visiting the finca for a coffee tour will are encouraged to spend the night. After all, the family-owned property, which has doubled as a resort since 2003, also leads tours of the Soconusco Mountains and the brilliant gardens, where tropical flowers are grown and harvested. After sunset, enjoy a modern Mexican-fusion meal at Tierra de Café.

You’ll bed down in a rustic, traditional wooden cabins (terraces and hammocks ideal for enjoying a morning cup of coffee) or a spacious, jungle-facing bungalow. Before departing, make sure to spend some time at the spa, enjoying a therapeutic massage and a refreshing sweat in the temazcal, an ancient Mexican-style bathhouse.