Explore the City of Victoria in 360 Degrees

As one of the many picturesque areas in our 2017 Destination of the Year, Canada’s Vancouver Island has plenty to offer. Travel + Leisure, in partnership with LifeVR, captured the beautiful area in 360 degrees. Here, we take a closer look at Victoria.

The culturally rich Canadian city sits at the Southeastern tip of Vancouver Island and is known as the Garden City with its lush, scenic atmosphere. Visitors can easily walk the city while exploring the any historic sites, parks and neighborhoods the city has to offer.

Enter through the Gates of Harmonious Interest, the entry point into Victoria’s Chinatown district. Then, travel south to Thunderbird Park where you can check out the park’s totem poles, beautiful examples of the art of British Columbia’s indigenous people.

Don’t forget to stop for a snack at one of the many kiosks at Fisherman’s Wharf, an area with great views of the Inner Harbor as well as the float homes and fishing vessels returning with the day’s catch.

A striking city with a rich history and a unique identity, Victoria is a can’t-miss destination when exploring Vancouver Island.

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