We love food trucks here at T+L, so this year's NYC Vendy Awards had our attention. Food truck vendors traveled to Governors Island, New York, Saturday for a cook-off at the tenth annual Vendy Awards. This year, twenty-five finalists were nominated online and competed in one of five categories at the event.

Winners were announced at the end of the day. Among the winning food trucks was Adam Sobel’s Cinnamon Snail, the first all-organic and vegan food truck in the country. The Cinnamon Snail won the top prize, the Vendy Cup, with a trophy to prove it.

"This is really the ultimate honor for a food truck, and is something I have dreamed of achieving since before I built our truck. It’s a huge win for veganism, and the acknowledgement will hopefully make more people open to trying out a compassionate diet and lifestyle."

To see where the Cinnamon Snail is heading next, follow @VeganLunchTruck.

Nicoletta Richardson is a freelance editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.