Vanuatu is made up of 80 islands in the South Pacific.

The idyllic archipelago is known for its untouched nature and diverse marine life, superbly captured in this short video by travel blog Face du Monde.

In less than four minutes, the video captures a three-week trip up and down Vanuatu, from the largest island of Espiritu Santo to Mount Yasur, an active volcano on Tanna Island.

A magnificent helicopter ride around the islands ascends over active volcanoes, beautiful shorelines, and lush rainforests. For the more outdoorsy types, there are plenty of opportunities to hike, off-road, or snorkel. Or for those looking to take it easy, there are miles of sandy beaches shaded by palm trees. History buffs can check out the wreckage of WWII-era ships around the country.

Don’t miss an opportunity to check out the famous “blue holes” on Espiritu Santo. The outlets are surrounded by leafy trees and contain pure blue water that invites divers.

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While exploring the island chain, be sure to send a postcard from the country’s underwater post office and book a stay at the capital, Porta Vila.