The air on planes can be as drying as the Sahara, so the next time you're going to be at 35,000 feet, make sure you've packed one of these in-flight kits in you carry-on. These sets all promise to rehydrate and revive your skin, so at least you'll be glowing while you're waiting in line at customs. -E.W.

Fresh Outlook The Fresh In-Flight Kit (800/ 373-7420;; $130) is a three-step ritual that starts with gentle cleansing towelettes, followed by a protective face mask and a post-landing serum enriched with green tea to wake up your skin after the long haul.

Nordic Healing Though created as a longer regimen, Skyn Iceland's 5 Day Detox Kit (888/333-7596;; $45) also purports to perform magic on an overnight flight. The four products work together to replenish nutrients that are stripped away during situations that stress your skin.

Taking the Waters Minerals extracted off the coasts of Hawaii, Japan, and Norway fortify the Jet Lag Skincare Kit (888/ 748-5678;; $90) by Shu Uemura. With a cleansing oil, a toner, an exfoliator, a cloth face mask, and a recovery cream, it's the next best thing to having a spa onboard.

To the Rescue The moisture-retaining toner, rejuvenating mask, and soothing eye compresses in Dr. Hauschka's holistic Jet Set Kit (800/247-9907;; $21.50) take care of the face, while the rich hand cream and invigorating leg-and-arm toner minister to the body.